Jennifer Mabus

Dance Artist


Artist Statement:

I am dedicated to the ways that dance can deepen understanding of the human experience and thereby affect societal evolution. I use dance to research my inner and outer world, and when I share what I have gleaned in performance, my experiences bridge to those of others. I explore the interplay of fine art, kinesthetic empathy, and healing.

This is my inquiry into the meeting place of human experience and performance art. In the increasingly virtual and chaotic climate of contemporary society, it is at the engagement of body and mind that societal and individual evolution can occur. Dance can create understanding of what it means to live and to find our place within our community, and I strive to create vital performance art that energizes individuals and weaves the social fabric that connects people.

Works by Mabus:

this one’s for… (2016)


“So shake the dust…
And take me with you when you do for none of this has ever been for me..”

Link to performance of “this one’s for…”


Experimental Performance (2014-2016)


“What is important now is to recover our senses.

We must learn to see more, to hear more, and to feel more.” Susan Sontag

Link to excerpts of Mabus’ work that is outside of the Box!

The Art of Losing (2016)


Photo by Lynn Lane

The Art of Losing was based upon the choreographer’s experience a family member’s fight with Alzheimers. The work is a collaboration with sound artist, Lynn Lane.

“The Art of Losing” (Excerpts) 2016

Hearts Do Roar (2014)

Hearts Do Roar

“The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent.” Christopher Poindexter

Hearts Do Roar (Excerpts) 2014

Spiritus (2014)


Requiem for a friend…

Spiritus (Excerpts) 2014

Sentio (2013)


“I hate and I love.  Why do I do it?” Catullus

Sentio (Excerpts) 2013

Tempra, O Diva

Tempra, O Diva

“Temper, oh Goddess, the hardening of your ardent spirits.” 

Tempra, O Diva (Full) 2012